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ABC stands for ‘AboutBeingConnected™’. Our coaching, consulting and targeted training services are customized for the specific needs of executives and entrepreneurs.

AboutBeingConnected™ helps leaders of medium-sized corporations and family-owned businesses based in Western Canada. Our services are specifically designed for those who want to:

  • Build stronger ‘connection’ in team / organization
  • Improve profitability
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce conflict

AboutBeingConnected™ achieves this by reducing feelings of disconnection and disengagement within the team and minimizing organizational friction..

By focusing upon ‘Rapport, Relationships and Results’ AboutBeingConnected™ helps its clients increase self-awareness, interpersonal empathy and collaboration among team members.

There are four main areas in which AboutBeingConnected™ support clients to make positive change within their personnel, teams and organization. They are:

  • Understanding Self     
  • Getting Others
  • Bridging Differences
  • Connecting Cultures

Taking a systemic approach to how people are working within themselves as well as with others, AboutBeingConnected™ guides clients toward a whole-solution. This saves the unnecessary (but common) waste of resources by solving part of the problem, only to have it resurface in a different form somewhere else in your team / organization.  

In Summary: AboutBeingConnected™ provides customized team productivity solutions that solve specific challenges.  Unlike one-size-fits-all team development programs, at AboutBeingConnected™, we address your organization’s specific situation, by starting at the individual level and then connect that to your unique culture – “how you do things around there”.

Dan McKinnon and John Dickson

Founders, AboutBeingConnected™


Dan McKinnon - About Being Connected

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Dr. Dan McKinnon Ph.D. — (Education) is an organizational development consultant and coach to family business owners, entrepreneurs, business leaders and executives.  Using science-based questionnaires and customized counselling/coaching interventions he helps his clients improve their self-awareness, skill-sets and relationships.  This creates conditions whereby their organizational and personal lives become more pleasurable, engaging, meaningful and effective.

Dan is a registered psychologist who provides his clients with psychological counselling/coaching that focuses on helping them: overcome conflict, improve communication, create a meaningful life, engage in mindfulness-based stress reduction practices and discover their inner natures.  He uses the theories and techniques of positive psychology as a means of teaching his clients how they can improve their relationships and enhance their everyday work/life satisfaction.  He co-founded Alberta Institute of Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), a platform that facilitates training workshops for therapists/psychologists interested in using EFT in their professional practices.

Dan is a successful life-time entrepreneur who has co-founded and managed twelve companies in six industries during the past 40 years. Drawing upon his lifetime of creating and operating entrepreneurial ventures and family businesses he can coach and teach others on how to become effective and successful entrepreneurs/leaders.  Dan has acquired specialized skills in leadership development, relationship repair and restoration, creative problem-solving, marketing and sales, business administration and operations, strategic planning and corporate visioning.

John Dickson - About Being Connected

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Dr. John Dickson Ph.D.(Management) is an organization builder, a project developer and a certified coach who works with managers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders.

John is a recognized expert in finding the balance that gets it right for the bottom line and for the staff. People doing what they love to do, combined with a clear strategy, is what moves an organization forward. This approach based on confidence, effective plans, great execution and low staff turnover results in organizations that thrive with remarkable profits.

John has successfully developed and implemented strategic and organizational plans for businesses in Alberta and around the world. He built a real estate business and a consumer product direct sales business from the ground up and was part of a successful business consultancy in England.  This initiative assisted hundreds of fast-growth businesses with strategy, marketing and organizational development. As a member of the board of directors for a credit union and a not-for-profit, he has contributed to developing overall strategic plans and made practical contributions to implement them. John knows that it is people who power profits

The intergenerational challenges and relationship dynamics in FOEs are unique. The dynamics at play within an FOE involve complex relationships that are not purely ‘business’ transactions. These relationships and their successful management become a critical part of the emotional ‘wet-ware’ of an FOE

John has been a hands-on entrepreneur in two industries. As a successful business consultant in the UK he provided practical strategic, marketing and organizational development contributions to hundreds of fast-growth businesses

John’s professional training and experience includes;

  • PhD Management focused on business culture and entrepreneurship
  • Business/Executive Coach: CCF (Certified Coaches Federation)
  • MBTI:  Myers Briggs Type Indicator – Facilitator & Assessments
  • TKI: Thomas Kilmann – Conflict Styles & Communication, Facilitator & Assessments
  • Emotional Focused Therapy introductory training w/ its founder  Dr. Les Greenberg
  • Experience using Gottman Relationship Interventions/Dialogues
  • Spiral Dynamics integral certified trainer in human/cultural development and values, Trained with founder Don Beck

In his work for the International Committee of the Red Cross he implemented the first successful micro economic initiatives in the organization and designed, monitored and implemented ground breaking economic development programs in 7 different countries. As a result of these programs he developed unique skills in working with diverse individuals, different cultural contexts and a broad range of business problems/solutions. John has lived and worked in 12 different countries and is fluent in French and Spanish.

John has a strong understanding of the diversity of people’s values and priorities. Creating a strong organization that focuses on relationships and leverages different points of view results in: engaged employees, satisfied customers, amazing profits and an enduring legacy.

Dr. John Dickson Ph.D.(Management) is an organization builder, a project developer and a certified coach who works with managers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders.

John specializes in family owned enterprises (FOE).

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