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I’m often asked: Are there any similarities between coaching a athletes and professionals? And actually, the two have more in common than you might think!

Skill Sets & Progressive Steps

When coaching an athlete, you’ve got an expert in the sport working with a talented athlete to develop them towards reaching a specific point, goal, place in time and achievement. This athlete is constantly training; honing their craft and practicing under the watchful guidance of someone who can speak into their unique situation and challenges. It’s a journey together – always in progressive steps.

About Being ConnectedIn business, there’s a similar situation – the coach has specialized skills and the executive business owner also has specialized skills that need to be honed and directed.  The difference is that in business coaching there is more interplay between both sides of the relationship; the skills that each member of this partnership will have are different and unique to them.  In a good coaching relationship, the skills of the two will synergize; each one will compliment the other.

Like sports coaching, however, the coach plays the same role in guiding, directing and sharpening the specialized skills of the executive. They go through the same sort of progressive steps, always moving towards an agreed goal.

Obtaining Mastery

One other important similarity is that both sports and business coaching place an emphasis on obtaining or achieving mastery on a certain type of fitness – whether that’s physical fitness, or fitness in business.

In sports coaching, you’re not only mastering the body, but the mind that powers it. Routines and discipline are tantamount; achieving mastery means a deliberate focus on the areas of your skill set that need developing.

In business, the challenges are mastering things like your product lines, your marketing, the way you sell to your prospective clients and the way that you manage your time and energy.  A business coach looks for ways to develop the executive in each one, through innovation, discipline and, at times, establishing routine procedures to improve workflow.

There’s also sort of unique physical link in that business, like sports, requires energy and focus. A business coach will make sure the trainee is getting enough sleep and exercise, and will also make sure they’re taking care of their mental health so that they are fit and ready to do business.

The Right Relationship is Key

As with sports coaching, business coaching comes down to a relationship. An effective coach needs to be able to pick apart the habits and processes of their client, encourage growth where it needs to happen, celebrate successes and challenge their client to progress. They learn the strengths and weaknesses of the trainee, and find ways to develop that person into an effective player capable of achieving the goals they’ve set out.

How could YOU benefit from a mentoring business coach? Now may be the perfect time to find out. Give us a call, and let’s get you performing at your peak!

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