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There are four main areas in which AboutBeingConnected™ support clients to make positive change within their personnel, teams and organization. They are:

About Being Connected

  1. Understanding Self
  2. Getting Others
  3. Bridging Differences
  4. Connecting Cultures

By taking a systemic approach to how people are working within themselves as well as with others, enables AboutBeingConnected™ to guide our clients toward a whole-solution. This saves the unnecessary (but common) waste of resources solving part of the problem, only to have it surface in a different form somewhere else in your team / organization.  

Organizational Development Without the Suit

AboutBeingConnected™ works with Business owners and Leaders to clear cultural disconnection to create energized people and flourishing companies. It’s the people who make or break your business, so we differentiate ourselves by starting there. Our consulting services focuses two major themes:

PEOPLE | Proficiency

What are your staff talented at? What skills do they enjoy using? What are they truly efficient at? What are their goals? Why did you hire them? What are their communication styles? Which employees are natural leaders?

About Being ConnectedEspecially in small and medium sized businesses, staff are often responsible for many roles during their time at a company. When an employee is working in a position that is too challenging, too easy, or not suited to their talents, it is difficult to keep them focused and productive. When employees are in positions that match their real aptitudes and they can see how their work affects the success of the company, that’s when the magic happens.

By using behavioural science techniques to profile your employees correctly, we can identify potential issues with your staff and repair relationships. You will see a measurable difference in your turn-over, communication, productivity, office morale and, therefore, profits.

PROCESS | Efficiency

Is there one certain way to effectively manage all of the tasks to run your business? As a business owner, are you willing and able to delegate? Is it simple or complicated to train new hires? Does your company culture support checkpoints and due diligence? Do you have clear business goals? Can you easily manage growth?

Some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs do not have a background in business, but they have determination and a great idea. We get that. It’s easy to lose track of long-term goals or even spend too much of your valuable time on administrative tasks when you own a business. If your business seems like it’s always in some state of chaos, you need processes. Sweet, reliable process.

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