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About Being ConnectedHave you ever wondered what those so-called “wise old sages” meant when they said, “You are what you eat”?  Well it appears that healthy eating leads to more productivity, extra efficiency and healthier profits.  Recent research reveals that eating a balanced diet while at work is good for your body and good for the bottom line.   Peruse and digest this recent article from The Calgary Herald to see how.

Of course each of us knows that we are more than what we eat.  One’s character is also a curious constellation of  thoughts, values, expectations, hopes, dreams, desires and feelings.  The point is every character is contained in a human body.  So if we want to keep our  character strong and steady then we need to make sure that our body is healthy and hearty.  In a sense the bottom line, both personally and organizationally, can be stated as, “Eat right, Be right”.


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