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Remember the Gestalt notion that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”?  Well that’s how companies and organizations work too.  Each of us needs to mindfully monitor  the health of both our bodies and our minds and be prepared to take action when either feels off.  Recent research talks about how it’s ok in our culture to have a “sick day off” for the body’s ailments, but taking a day off for the mind’s maladies is usually not as acceptable.  Read through this recent article in the National Post  to get a sense of what I mean.

About Being ConnectedIf each of us is “on top of our game” then where we work flourishes, too.  Healthy-minded and hearty-bodied people work more efficiently and effectively.  They know that taking a break at the right time is a good return on investment.  Doing so contributes to the bottom-line.  We can’t forget that it’s people that power up profits.  The whole company/organization becomes greater when each of its people becomes healthier, heartier and happier.

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