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What are the factors that play in to making a business coaching relationship a success? It’s an important question to consider, because placing your trust in someone else to help coach and mentor your development is a significant decision.

I find it helpful to frame the answer this way: There are three “R”s that are a part of every good coaching relationship – Rapport, relationship and resources.


About Being ConnectedBecause business coaching is such a personal endeavor, there’s got to be a professional bond of trust, respect and empathy between the coach and the businessperson. You as the client need to not only trust the experience and insight of the coach – you also need to like them as a person! That respect and admiration needs to be returned. There may be tough conversations or challenging moments – things you’ll have to weather together.

This personal connection is critical; it’s the cornerstone of all everything comes next.


Stemming from rapport is a relationship – an open conversation and dialogue of sharing, learning and growing through progressive steps towards an agreed upon goal. The trust built through rapport fuels this relationship and makes it possible. Business coaching isn’t a one-and-done deal, it’s a journey made together toward a really desirable outcome. If you can’t walk in step, you’ll trip over one another along the way.


Planning is nice – but without action, it’s worthless. The final factor at play is the resources in the mix to help spur action and get the job done. You need resources to devote to your growth – whether that’s money, time, energy or discipline. Both the coach and the client need to be ready and willing to give it their all.

And… Results!

If there’s a fourth “R”, it’d have to be results – something we’re in the business of helping you to achieve. It’s important to always be reminded that business coaching comes with an assigned goal – this is not a soft or fluffy experience – it’s a time of deliberate, targeted growth with intent.

If you’re ready to realize your professional and business potential, we invite you to give us a call and discover the results you can achieve with the right coaching behind you.

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