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What’s your superpower?

We’ve all got some area of genius or specialty – we like to call it a superpower. These go beyond competencies in specific lines of business and into our traits and the ways we conduct ourselves in business.

We tend to value the bold leaders, the ones who take the wheel and act with bravery and conviction. We love to see loyalty and productivity. But, when it comes down to it, we think there are two real superpowers that stand above the rest when it comes to business: Calmness, and curiosity.

Calmness: Let Level Heads Prevail

About Being ConnectedWhether you’re an athlete, a parent or someone in business, if you’re not calm, nothing is going to flow. Getting flustered and jumpy can quickly provoke you to taking actions that are either undesirable or unhelpful. You’ll jump to conclusions, make decisions from the hip and snap at those around you as you try to calm yourself down.

A calm spirit, on the other hand,  makes it possible for all those other superpowers – loyalty, empathy, boldness – and so on – to show themselves and work to their full potential. It’s the superpower that enables all others.

But there’s one more superpower that we should all work to cultivate…

Curiosity: Innovation Breeds Success

Curiosity is the root of creativity – the desire to pull things apart and really understand them. Whether that’s a process or a person, the desire to be deeply involved and a spirit of constant discovery will take you far in problem solving.

Calmness and curiosity go hand in hand: If you are curious, you can get over anything. If you’re calm, you’ll be happy and healthy. The two bolster each other.

If you’re a leader within your business, finding ways to allow for curiosity, mistake making and discovery is crucial to building an effective team that feels supported and operates at their peak.

Look for opportunities to encourage innovation, to allow people to take a different approach. Speak calmly – and plan calmly, too! You’ll be amazed at how stepping back, taking a few breaths and gathering your thoughts can yield new perspectives and drastically improve your relationships.

Give it a try – you have nothing to lose.

See our video on this topic by clicking here (new window).

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